Sunday, July 01, 2007

Radiology Tech

My friend is almost done with school to be a radiology technician. She likes to tell me about the different bones in my body. Anyway, I made her a hat with skulls, because I am so proud of her.

The hat pattern is my invention, but I took the chart from somewhere else. You could put any chart on it, use KnitPro (in my links) and it creates charts for you.

I used Encore Worsted in black and white on size 8 16" circulars and double pins.

Hat is worked in black and duplicate stitch skulls in white.

CO 72 on the circulars.

Knit 1 inch in K2, P2 rib.

Switch to stockinette and work until hat measures 5.5 inches from cast on. Begin decreases (switch to DPN when you feel stretched).

*K2tog, K8, SSK* repeat to end (60)

Knit one round.

*K2tog, K6, SSK* Repeat to end (48)
Knit one round.

*K2tog, K4, SSK* Repeat to end (36)
Knit one round.

*K2tog, K2, SSK* Repeat to end (24)
Knit one round.

*K2tog, SSK* Repeat to end (12)
K2tog to end (6)

Draw tail through remaining yarn. Pull closed and secure.
Embroider skull pattern using white and duplicate stitch.

I used this chart.


nicole Wilcox said...

could that skull be knit in using instarsia?

FunkyMoe said...

I don't see why not. I don't use intarsia; it is too confusing for me.