Thursday, July 05, 2007

Adam's Birthday Hat

Adam's Hat is worked on size 8 16" circulars and double pins. I used Cascade 220 in navy 8393 and red 9404. A tapestry needle is used for the duplicate stitch. I made the graph myself. My duplicate stitch skills are not superb, but I am sure the chart can be done justice by an established stitcher.

On circulars, cast on 75 in red yarn (9404) and place marker (pm). Join for working in the round.

Work 1 3/4 inches in K2P1 rib.

Work one round knitting all stitches (stockinette).

Switch to blue yarn and work in stockinette until piece measures 6 inches from the cast on edge.

Begin decreases.

Decrease round 1: *K2tog, K11, SSK, place marker* (distinguishable from begin round marker), repeat 3 times, K2tog, K11, SSK (65)
Round 2: Knit
Round 3: *K2tog, K9, SSK,* repeat to end of round (K2tog after markers, SSK before markers)(55)
Round 4: (I switched to DPNs) Knit
Round 5: *K2tog, K7, SSK,* repeat to end of round (45)
Round 6: Knit
Round 7: *K2tog, K5, SSK,* repeat to end of round (35)
Round 8: Knit
Round 9: *K2tog, K3, SSK,* repeat to end of round (25)
Round 10: *K2tog, K1, SSK,* repeat to end of round (15)
Round 11: *K2tog K1* repeat to end of round (10)

Break yarn and draw tail through remaining stitches. Close and secure.

Duplicate stitch the graph onto the beanie.

Royal Rooters cry "Wicked awesome beanie! Go Red Sox!"

He liked it.


Anonymous said...

Let's go Red Sox!

Anonymous said...

Of course Im making a face